Secure, energy-efficient and permanently staffed. Our UK data centre really is our pride of place.

Why is our data centre so vital to us? It’s where we host all of the websites, servers and data that our customers entrust to us. And that’s not a duty we take lightly.

For a start, we like to do our bit for the environment (as we’re sure you do too). That’s why we’ve optimised our data centre to perform at the highest levels of energy efficiency.

We want to minimise our environmental impact and maximise our cost effective service to you. So we had Dell supply us with servers that provide three times the power for every watt consumed.

This energy efficiency helps to save the planet. And because our running costs are kept low, we can also pass these savings onto our customers. It’s a win-win situation!

Our data centre team also work hard to deliver outstanding service at all times. Expert technicians are onsite 24 hours a day, every day of the year. They’re always ready to nip any problem in the bud.

Naturally, you want to know that your online business is in a safe place. Well, there are lots of good things we can tell you about our data centre:

Good things about our data centre

– A friend of the environment: By combining the very latest in climate control and server technology, we can proudly boast an A grade in energy efficiency.

– UK based: No long distance calls or hard-to-understand accents. If you need support, we’re there for you 24.7.365.

– No middle men: Unbelievably, lots of hosting providers rent space in external data centres. Not us. We’re one of the UK’s largest web hosts, so we can afford to run a privately owned data centre.

– Custom built:We wanted our data centre to be just right. So we worked in tight collaboration with IBM to ensure everything was designed and built to perfection.

– Maximum security: We treat all data as highly sensitive. So our onsite security team maintain watch 24.7.365, ensuring access is strictly limited to essential personnel only.

– Fully protected hardware.:All hardware is fully protected from fire, floods and other natural disasters.

– Fully protected data:Data is kept 100% safe behind a multi-layered firewall. We also operate regular backups, storing data copies externally.

– Uninterruptible power: We run everything using uninterruptible power supplies. Onsite generators are also on standby (in case the external supply should fail).